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Principal Designer Jocelyn Perkin-Price has a passion and flair for designing unique interiors with timeless beauty. With nearly 30 years experience she has created a wide variety of interiors ranging from traditional to contemporary tastes.  


Jocelyn has designed living spaces across the nation, from her native South Jersey, to New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Arizona.

With her strong belief that working with a interior designer should be a stress-free, positive, and wonderful experience, Jocelyn is committed to listening to her clients' ideas in order to understand their tastes and needs. Her goal is to create living spaces that are functionally comfortable, custom-made and, above all else, reflective of the tastes and needs of her individual clients -- always within the client's budget.

A full-service, family-run interior design firm, Perkin Design Interiors specializes in custom window treatments and furniture design, as well as space planning and accessorizing. Jocelyn’s designs range from single-room to entire-home designs.


Jocelyn can work from Blueprint stage with new construction to redesigning a existing environment. No detail is too small -- from ensuring the functionality of the layout, to lighting placement, to every big and little thing in between -- Jocelyn’s passion for creating stylish interiors is evident in every space and every project.

Jocelyn Perkin-Price is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelors Degree in Design. She has been previewed on HGTV and has won numerous Designer Choice Awards at various Designer show houses.

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Jocelyn Perkin-Price

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